USS Rahman (NCC-514)

Galaxy Class Federation Starship

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Full Deck Listings


Saucer Module  
Deck 1: Main Bridge, Captain’s Ready Room, Observation Lounge 
Deck 2: Junior Officer’s Quarters 
Deck 3: Junior Officer’s Quarters 
Deck 4: Main Shuttle Bay, Cargo Bays 
Deck 5: Science Labs, Residential Apartments 
Deck 6: Transporter Rooms 1-(2)4, Science Labs 
Deck 7: Residential Apartments 
Deck 8: Residential Apartments, Captain’s Quarters 
Deck 9: Residential Apartments 
Deck 10: Main Lounge, Computer Cores 
Deck 11: Holodecks, Residential Apartments 
Deck 12: Sickbay, Medical Laboratories, Gymnasium 
Deck 13: Residential Apartments, Life Support 
Deck 14: Residential Apartments 
Deck 15: Maintenance 
Deck 16: Captain’s Yacht Docking Port  
Stardrive Section  
Deck 8: Battle Bridge 
Deck 9: Docking Latches 
Deck 10: Emergency Batteries, Phaser Bank Systems 
Deck 11: Life Support Systems 
Deck 12: Science Labs 
Deck 13: Shuttlebays 2 and 3 
Deck 14: Shuttlebay Support, Personnel Transporters 5 and 6 
Deck 15: Science Labs 
Deck 16: Maintenance 
Deck 17: Living Quarters 
Deck 18: Living Quarters 
Deck 19: Living Quarters 
Deck 20: Living Quarters 
Deck 21: Power Distribution 
Deck 22: Engineering Support Labs 
Deck 23: Main Impulse Engines 
Deck 24: Life Support 
Deck 25: Dorsal Docking Port, Forward Photon Torpedo Launcher 
Deck 26: Engineering Support 
Deck 27: Deuterium Fuel Pumps and Fill Ports 
Deck 28: Deuterium Fuel Storage 
Deck 29: Deuterium Fuel Storage 
Deck 30: Deuterium Injection Reactors 
Deck 31: Science Labs 
Deck 32: Living Quarters 
Deck 33: Living Quarters 
Deck 34: Environmental Support 
Deck 35: Aft Photon Torpedo Launcher 
Deck 36: Main Engineering 
Deck 37: Environmental Support, Waste Management 
Deck 38: Cargo Bays, Brig 
Deck 39: Cargo Bays 
Deck 40: Antimatter Injection Reactors 
Deck 41: Antimatter Storage Pods 
Deck 42: Antimatter Storage Pods


Major Locations


-Main Bridge: Deck 1 (Primary Hull) -Ready Room: Deck 1 (Primary Hull) -Observation Lounge: Deck 1 (Primary Hull) -Junior Officer's Quarters: Deck 2 (Primary Hull) -Main Shuttlebay: Deck 4 (Primary Hull) -Science Labs: Deck 5 (Primary Hull) -Decks 12, 15, 31 (Secondary Hull) -Personnel Transporter Rooms 1-4: Deck 6 (Primary Hull) -Personnel Transporter Rooms 5-6: Deck 14 (Secondary Hull) -Senior Officer's Quarters incl. Captain's Quarters: Deck 8 (Primary Hull) -Ten-Forward Lounge: Deck 10 (Primary Hull) -Computer Core: Deck 10 (Primary Hull) -Emergency Escape Pods: Deck 10 (Primary Hull) -Main Holodecks: Deck 11 (Primary Hull) -Sickbay: Deck 12 (Primary Hull) -Gymnasium: Deck 12 (Primary Hull) -Captain's Yacht Docking Port: Deck 16 (Primary Hull) -Battle Bridge: Deck 8 (Secondary Hull) -Shuttlebays 2 and 3: Deck 13 (Secondary Hull) -Main Impulse Engines: Deck 23 (Secondary Hull) -Docking Port: Deck 25 (Secondary Hull) -Forward Photon Torpedo Launcher: Deck 25 (Secondary Hull) -Aft Photon Torpedo Launcher: Deck 35 (Secondary Hull) -Main Engineering: Deck 36 (Secondary Hull) -Brig: Deck 38 (Secondary Hull) -Cargo Bays: Deck 4 (Primary Hull) -Decks 38 and 39 (Secondary Hull)


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