USS Rahman (NCC-514)

Galaxy Class Federation Starship

Technical Specifications - Galaxy Class Starship

Length: 642,5 metres 
Width: 467,0 metres 
Height: 137,5 metres 
Mass: 4,960,000 metric tons
Number of decks: 42 
Crew (standard): 1012 Crew (maximum): 5000  
Computer Systems  
Operating system:	 
LCARS (Library Computer Access and Retrieval System) Memory access speed: 4600 kiloquads/second Number of memory modules: 2048 Memory capacity of one module: 630000 kiloquads Memory capacity of all modules: 1290.24 gigaquads  
Warp Engines  
Warp pylons: 2. Warp reactor: matter/antimatter reactor M/A reaction element: Dilithium crystal 
Fuel (MRI): semi-solid deuterium, cooled to 13.8 K (-259 °C) Fuel (ARI): antihydrogen 
Standard cruising speed: warp 6 (after Federation-wide speed limit: warp 5)
Maximum Cruising speed: warp 9.2 
Maximum speed: warp 9.6 (for 12 hours)  
Tactical Systems  
Phaser: 12 banks type X phaser Typ-X phaser power: 5.1 MW 
Torpedoes: photon torpedoes Torpedo launchers: 2  
Maximum of 10 torpedoes to be launched at one time per launcher 
Number of carried photon torpedoes: 275  
Other Systems  
Personnel Transporters: 20 Cargo Transporters: 8  
Holodecks:  Main: 4  Personal: 20  
Shuttlebays:  Total: 3  
Embarked Craft (standard): Danube-class Runabouts: 7 Personnel Shuttles: 12 Cargo Shuttles: 5


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